Real Southern PiT Bar-b-que in Colorado!

 Rod Ashby launched Hog Heaven in 1993


Rod started serving up the best barbeque on Colorado Hwy 285  from an old

railroad caboose.

The research began years before, with Rod's passion for great bar-b-que and earning his


 "Ph.D. in Ribology"

      As a truck driver, Rod had plenty of opportunities to travel, think and learn the secret of great barbeque.  He would stop unannounced at barbeque places, introduce himself to the owner, share his idea and eventually depart with "the secret recipe." Particularly helpful was the owner of Roxie's in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, who, like rib joint owners across America allowed Rod into the kitchen and in on the secret to great ribs.

     "I spent a year just learning about pork ribs," says Rod. "Not just ribs - the beans are a whole other story." Along the way, Rod not only became a barbeque pit master but also created his national support group in the business. All the work and research have paid off, with locals and travelers alike stopping by for a bite. One visitor from Boston enjoyed the food so much she had a plate flown home to her husband.

      It wasn't long before demand for savory southern barbeque outgrew the little red caboose Rod found in Muskogee, Oklahoma, so Rod made the decision to expand and build a permanent building. The new Hog Heaven opened the end of 1999, and much to the delight of their customers, it's now open year 'round, six days a week.
      Hog Heaven's goal is to serve great food at reasonable prices. Rod knows how good food is supposed to be served. Rod adds, "I've been traveling all my life and have seen it all."

~ Special orders and Catering are also available with notice ~


Rod now bottles his recipe for Hog Heaven Bar-B-Que Sauce

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