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Sent:  Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Subject: Hog Heaven Catering

Summit Utilities employees have been enjoying BBQ from Hog Heaven for over 15 years, since our corporate office was located in Pine, CO.  They provide a phenomenal catering service.  I love the food and the friendly service of the employees and I would recommend them for catering services in the future.”  Hannah Ahrendt, Regulatory Specialist at Summit Utilities Inc.
Hannah A.


Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Summit Utilities Inc.



Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2015

Subject: Hog Heaven Highly Recommended 

We have had Hog Heaven Bar-B-Que cater our Summer Company Picnic for 170+ people for the last 3 years.  The food is always amazing, the portions generous and Rod’s customer service is unmatched! 

Our employees never have anything but praise for the food at our event. 
Rod’s passion for BBQ clearly comes through in the food he serves and the service he delivers!

I would highly recommend Hog Heaven and Rod for any catering needs!!!
We look forward to next years’ Picnic!

Legacy Partners Residential, Inc.




Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2015

Subject: Catering for BENTEK Energy


We decided to go with Hog Heaven to cater our wedding. We were not surprised when everyone completely enjoyed all the entrees and fixins that went with. We love Hog Heaven!!!

Thank you for the wonderful food for out wedding Rod!



Stephanie R.



To - Rod Ashby
Sent: Wednesday, Sep 30, 2015


Catering for #GayWedding



Thank you again for everything you did for us on our wedding day.  I apologize for the delay on a testimonial. I was waiting for my other photographers pictures to see if there was a good one of you and my guests. I am tired of waiting : )

Feel free to use what you want from this paragraph and not use others pieces, it is up to you (if you don't use the gay wedding, I understand):

    I had my wedding at Wellington lake Campground in Bailey, CO. and it was the beautiful rustic outdoor setting that I imagined to have. As every bride knows, one of the most important aspects and one of the biggest expense of a wedding is the food.  We looked into a few food truck but most of them had a minimum rate of over $1,800.00 and they were going to charge extra to drive to Bailey. Trucks are also limited in the amount of people that they can serve at one time (only around 70 guests and I was working with 100 guests).  I had a friend say to me  " if you are having a wedding around the area of Bailey, you need to contact Hog Heaven, the best BBQ in the area".  I immediately looked up Hog Heaven on google and found a website that is as corky as I am, a fun song to start off the mood : ) I could already tell this was my kind of place! I contacted Rod the owner to see what my options were and to gather some information. Right off the bat, Rod responded to all my emails and never left me hanging around for answers to my questions (a bride's biggest pet peeve), he was polite and walked me through everything so there were no surprises, and he was able to give me a quote in order for us to prepare for the expense (which was far less than I expected).  As an added situation, we felt we had to inform all of our vendors that it is a gay wedding to make sure nobody backs out at the last minute and his response was, "I would be happy to serve you and your lovely guests".  What a guy!  The food was amazing! All of his recommendations and everything that he brought was so delicious! He served everyone with a smile and made sure all my guests were happy and full, also making sure nobody forgot their pickles : ) Over all, I would say to any bride, Hog Heaven is the place for you if you want a warm smile, EXCELLENT BBQ, and a very fair price! Just go call Rod!

    With an outside wedding, the limitations on electricity, the unpredictable weather of the Rockies, and the unexpected situations that are sure to arise on your big day leaving a bride feeling a bit stressed.  But when it comes down to Hog Heaven, there was nothing to stress about! It was perfect!

Thank you 
again Rod! 

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